Dryer Vent Cleaning

When lint trap is not cleaned regularly, dryer vents gets clogged and the dryer lint is flammable that can cause a home fire. The lint trap needs to be checked after every usage. Try to avoid using a dryer when you are away from home. Always keep your lint screen clean, if it is not clean, the dryer will run longer to dry your clothes, which will even cost you more. The vent duct needs to be cleaned once a year, if its commercial then it needs cleaning more often. Our professionals can handle everything so smoothly when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. They will remove the blockage in the vent, and build up heat which is causing the dryer to work harder which can cause the dryer to break down. Most of the house fire is caused by clothes dryers, the main cause is lint build up. Removing lint build up from your dryer vent has number of benefits: Fire prevention Improves efficiency of dryer Reduction in energy bills Extends life span of your dryer Call us anytime for dryer vent cleaning service and duct cleaning services.